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Vendor Application

Where we sell

We sell containers from more than 40 depots across the entire United States.

Contact us

Phone: (800) 880-7061


Mailing Address/Headquarters

206 E. Huron St.,
Ann Arbor,
MI 48104

Company Information

Business Classifications

Primary Contact Information

Remittance Contact

Vendor Type

Describe the work being done

Payment Information

  • If you have chosen ACH, a voided check and your bank information/routing number is required to set up electronic payment for checking accounts.
  • You may email your ACH information to - and CC
  • Invoice Processing:

    • Please send all invoices to: ModuGo Accounts Payable
    • E-mail:

After completion of this form, a Vendor Agreement will be sent to you for e-signature.

Insurance Requirements:

Once ALL paperwork is completed and received by ModuGo at, an email will be sent to you asking you to register online with myCOI. It is critical that you provide ModuGo with an accurate email address. Part of the registration process includes providing contact information for your insurance agent(s). You will also need this information available to you at the time of registration. Once you have registered and entered the email address for your insurance agent(s), an email will be sent to the insurance agent(s) requesting them to upload your Certificate of Insurance (COI) directly into the myCOI website. Certificates of Insurance cannot be mailed, emailed, or faxed to ModuGo. You will not be allowed to begin work and no payments will be made to you until registration is completed and a compliant COI is received from your agent(s).

Applicant must provide an Acord Certificate evidencing the following minimum limits:

Certificate Holder: ModuGo, LLC.

General Liability:

  • $1,000,000 Each Occurrence
  • $2,000,000 Aggregate
  • $2,000,000
  • Products-completed Operations Hazard
  • *ModuGo, LLC must be listed as Additional Insured on policy
  • *Certificate must show Vendor’s insurance is primary and ModuGo, LLC is non-contributory.

Automobile Liability:

  • $1,000,000 Bodily Injury
  • $1,000,000 Property Damage

Umbrella Insurance:

  • $1,000.000

Workers Compensation/ Employers Liability:

If the services/work to be performed in a monopolistic state, current proof of Workers Compensation coverage from that State must be provided.

$500,000 Each Accident

$500,000 Disease – Each Employee

$500,000 Disease – Policy Limit

*Must include a Waiver of Subrogation in favor of ModuGo, LLC.

*If you are a Sole Proprietor/Individual without employees and are not required by law to carry Workers Compensation insurance, a Worker’s Comp Waiver form must be filled out and uploaded into the myCOI portal upon registration.

Cargo: (Freight Vendors Only)

$5,000 Per Unit ModuGo, LLC must be listed as Loss Payee on policy

Professional Liability (for Professional Services):

$1,000,000 Each Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate

**Copies of Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation and Primary/Non-Contributory endorsements must be received by ModuGo, LLC within 30 days after COI.

Comments, Payment Terms, etc.

Required Documentation

The following documents must be submitted along with this application:

  • 1. A completed W9 form
  • 2. Certificate(s) of Insurance & Endorsements meeting all requirements outlined above (to be uploaded into myCOI portal upon registration)
  • 3. For Sole Proprietors/ Individuals, a Workers Comp Waiver form must be filled out and sent to ModuGo at

If you need a blank Worker’s Comp Waiver form: Click here

If you need a Blank W9 Form: Click here

Attach Certificate of Insurance with Requirements Outlined Above


The undersigned does hereby certify that the foregoing and subsequent statements are true and correct. Vendor agrees to purchase and maintain the insurance policies as outlined in this application. The undersigned agrees to provide ModuGo, LLC with current, complete, and accurate information on any project or work order on which it works, and any proposed changes in any contractual agreement. The undersigned agrees to compensate, indemnify, defend and to hold ModuGo, LLC harmless against any claims, losses, damages, liability, costs and expense (including attorney’s fees) which the undersigned may cause, including to ModuGo, LLC property, as a result of any actions, claims or demands made by others that arise or are related to Vendor’s performance of work under this Agreement. Vendor acknowledges and agrees that all work and/or purchase orders and/or work orders issued by ModuGo, LLC are subject to ModuGo, LLC standard purchase order terms and conditions which are published at Acceptance of a Purchase Order or Work Order, by performance or otherwise, will reaffirm Vendor’s agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions published as of the date of the issuance of the applicable purchase order.